Why you should switch now?

Wegoo improving ridesharing by putting fairness before profits, charging drivers 10% per ride, Wegoo drivers are getting the most out of there times

Why Switch?

More money in rids

Guaranty 25%-55% more than,Other Competitors in fare in every,Trip you make.

Loke areal parener

30% form wegoo profit every Year goes to driver (max $25000) Required 2000 trip/year.

Refer and earn

Referring other Drivers to wegoo You receive 5% from the referred driver Earning for a year, also 3% if the referred a rider.

Keep your tips

earn tip from your passengers and keep the whole amount they’re yours.

Noting less,Even more

Same fare, higher pay Same Surge, more earning.

Equity for Drivers

Wegoo will reserve 50% of its founding shares for drivers.

Trip Info

Driver Take

With Other


With Wegoo



More with Wegoo

110 mi

$1 Million+ insurance Coverage

You Safety is our priority, so we have a $1,000,000 liability policy.
While you are using Wegoo app, we have you covered!

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Pre-registration Open in the following Cities

  • Bosten

  • Atlanta

  • Miami

  • Next

Wegoo Planning to cover 50 States in next 18 month

Meet our app

What do I need to get Start ?

If you have experience driving for other ridesharing services, then you’ll be fine.
• You need to be 21 years or older with an in-state license and in-state insurance with your name on the policy.
• You need to complete registration on our website.
• You need an iPhone or Android smartphone.
• Your car must be a 2005 model or newer with 4-doors, and able to seat 5 people comfortably.

I’m driving for another company, why switch to Wegoo?

Here’s how we offer you a better way to drive:
• . higher pay, its 25%-55% more in every single ride
• Even when there’s high demand and you get ‘Boosted’ requests with a higher rate, wegoo’s take stays the same.
• 2000 ride per year, then will got more up to $25000/driver, 2000 ride for tow year, then you are a real company partner, Wegoo will reserve 50% of its founding shares for drivers.
• Share n Earn, 5% form any driver you refer for a year, 3% for rider too.
• First 500 drivers for each city in registration, commission free for 2 months

how I get paid ?

We offer direct deposit to your bank account every week with an overview of your income

when you will lunch?

Wegoo will lunch spring 2019, and planning to be active in 50 US States within next 18 month .